Travis’ interest in tattooing was peaked because the majority of adults that surrounded him growing up were heavily tattooed. His Mom took him to get his first tattoo when He was 15 in Illinois and he was absolutely fascinated with the entire process. Travis began his formal tattoo apprenticeship in 1998, when he was 15, where he would spend his evenings after school learning everything he needed to begin his tattoo career.  Throughout high school he took advantage of every art class he could enroll in. In 2001, Travis graduated high school and weeks later turned 18 and began tattooing professionally. He has been tattooing in and around the Twin cities ever since. Travis enjoys his diverse clients ranging in all ages and styles and especially appreciates working on large-scale projects. Travis’ tattoo style is influenced by everything including American Traditional, Traditional Japanese, Photo-realism and illustrative inspired styles. Travis came to Guns N Needles Tattoo in May of 2013 and has quickly become an asset to our team.




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