For Brian, it was love at first sight. At an early age, Brian saw a classic anchor tattoo on an elderly man’s forearm while visiting his Father’s store. At age 5, he named his dog “Tattoo”.  At age 14, he began experimenting with stick n poke tattooing, which led to building his own homemade rotary tattoo machines. Without proper guidance, Brian’s inspiration fell flat with tattooing and he became a successful machinist continuing to work with his hands.  In 2006 he met Roger Kane, who reignited his passion for tattooing and became Brian’s mentor. Brian frequented Roger’s private studio working side by side with Roger until He began working from his own private studio in 2007. Since then Tattooing has become his lifestyle and career. In 2009 He and Roger became business partners and opened Guns N Needles Tattoo. Brian has become a diverse artist with his preferred style having heavy American Traditional influences.




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